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How to Make Your Laptop & Tablet Run Faster

How to Make Your Laptop & Tablet Run Faster?

If your laptop or tablet is slow, then your productivity will be greatly reduced. Therefore, many people look for solutions on how to make laptops and tablets run faster. There are a few techniques...

What to Consider Before Purchasing A Student Laptop?

What to Consider Before Purchasing A Student Laptop?

Finding the finest college student laptop, whether you're a student yourself or attempting to aid a friend or family member, can feel like an overwhelming endeavor. If you are aware of the factors ...

Budget Business Laptop Buying Guide

How to Buy A Budget Laptop for Business

If you're looking for a budget laptop for business, you should think about your demands and budget to choose the ideal solution for you.  Here's a budget business laptop buying guide to finding an ...

How to Prevent Your Laptop PC from Overheating

How to Prevent Your Laptop PC from Overheating?

Almost everyone encounters the problem of laptop overheating. That's because laptops packs a lot of computing power and storage into a compact device.And the level of efficiency that laptops operat...


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install linux on lincplus laptop (1)

How to Install Linux on LincPlus Laptops

It's less complicated than you would think to install Linux on a desktop computer or laptop. Pick a Linux OS, create the necessary installation disks, and wait. In this tutorial, we'll explore the ...


LincPlus P1 Special Function Key Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide information regarding the capabilities of the special keys found on the Lincplus P1 laptop. The following are unique function keys that are accessed with the...

Windows PE Installation Guide

Windows PE Installation Guide

The Windows PE (Windows Preinstallation Environment, WinPE for short) may be extremely useful when you need to reboot a computer and conduct troubleshooting and recovery chores. Depending on your n...

How To Factory Reset Your Laptop & Tablet PC?

How To Factory Reset Your Laptop & Tablet PC?

How to reset the laptop or tablet PC to factory settings? This is the most often asked question by many users. You have the option to perform a factory reset on your laptop if it is behaving very s...

How to Activate Windows 10

How to Activate Windows 10

This guide is designed to activate Windows 10 system on LincPlus laptops. For more information, consult the content as below in this guide. 1. Connect wifi. Keep the notebook is access to the inter...