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Voice from our customers

Gunnar L Arneby

Good Value For Money

There's not many NVMe based NAS:et out there yet. And those who are (Asustor ie) are more expensive while running proprietary operating systems. This makes the LincStation N1 running standard Unraid a good value proposition for the intermediate user.

If you're a power user you will soon be annoyed by the hamstrung PCIe lanes and the lack of high speed connectivity. But not even the most powerful custom build running TrueNAS can compete with the LincStation's sleek form factor and general value for money.


Amazing product

I am absolutely thrilled with this tablet incredibly thin and lightweight,making it perfect for on the go use. The performance is top notch, with easy multi tasking and quick app loading.

The real catch here is the price which is unbeatable for a device of this quality.

I was looking for a tablet which would meet my needs, and this one has actually exceeded them, I would absolutely recommend it to others.


A Great Windows Tablet with Wacom EMR

OMG! it's dream tablet for me:- Touchscreen and pen features in a Windows tablet just like Surface Pro. Bundled with pen & keyboard. Use for Blender, PS & Clip Studio