LincPlus P1 Installation Guide With Linux

p1 laptop installation guide with linux

This guide is designed to install Linux and how to set the configuration on BIOS.For more info, see the content as below in this guide.

How to set BIOS

1. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of laptop. Turn on the laptop press
“Delete” until the BIOS setup interface display on the screen. (knock “Delete” continuously)
p1-linux installation-1

2. set "Advanced->CPU Configuration->Monitor Mwait" to "Disabled";

p1--linux installation-2

3. set"Chipset->South Cluster Configuration->Miscellaneous Configuation->8254 Clock Gating" to "Disabled";

p1--linux installation-3

4. Press “F4” ,select “YES” and save the configuration;

p1--linux installation-4(1)
5. Insert the Linux USB flash boot drive into the USB port of laptop. Turn on the laptop and press "Fn" + "F7" until boot option appears in the screen. (hold down "Fn" and knock "F7" continuously)
p1--linux installation-5

6. Then you can see the picture appears in the screen. You should choose your USB flash drive, and press "Enter": (My USB flash drive is KingstonDataTraveler, so that you can fix the OS out of from your
USB flash drive)
p1--linux installation-6

7. Now you can continue to install Linux on the laptop. NOTE:Recommend install ubuntu 18.04 and the later version,otherwise may have
trackpad unusable issue on the older version.

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